Monthly Archives: July 2008

“Sreebny” is unpunnable


Saw The Incredibles again the other night. Excellent film. Here’s my family, but Incredible! Sprinting to make some movie, I’m sure. But that really is what my dad wears to diplomat meetings.


5 A Day


Another drawing I did for a friend…except I’m fairly certain he never saw it. In any case, somewhere in Massachusetts, someone has this drawing.

I’m pretty sure this was actually the first thing I drew this summer. For some reason, when I sat down to doodle, the first thing that came to mind was a bear and his fruit stand.

And it’s another example of how much I wish I knew how to use digital coloring. Is it even CALLED that??

Nerd Patrol


Drawings of Rachel’s Japan. I generally make a rule about not making fun of children, but jeez…Japanese school kids are ASKING for a wedgie. That is a legit uniform, with the high pants. Don’t even get me started on their pink backpacks – 12 year old boys! Lordy.

Whose phone number is that?


The British Museum was right around the corner from my internship, so sometimes during lunch breaks, I would power walk over there. Considering the crowds and sweatiness, it would’ve probably been better to stay inside with a frappucino.

As a side note, these were done in my Fantastic Four notebook that was supplied by my office.

I promise to have more fun drawings soon.

July Project


To occupy my endless hours of free time, I thought I’d challenge myself with a new kind of project. What do you think, was it a bad idea to make them asymmetrical? I only had the one pair to play with, so it HAD TO BE DONE. For SCIENCE.