Monthly Archives: July 2008

5 A Day


Another drawing I did for a friend…except I’m fairly certain he never saw it. In any case, somewhere in Massachusetts, someone has this drawing.

I’m pretty sure this was actually the first thing I drew this summer. For some reason, when I sat down to doodle, the first thing that came to mind was a bear and his fruit stand.

And it’s another example of how much I wish I knew how to use digital coloring. Is it even CALLED that??

Nerd Patrol


Drawings of Rachel’s Japan. I generally make a rule about not making fun of children, but jeez…Japanese school kids are ASKING for a wedgie. That is a legit uniform, with the high pants. Don’t even get me started on their pink backpacks – 12 year old boys! Lordy.

Whose phone number is that?


The British Museum was right around the corner from my internship, so sometimes during lunch breaks, I would power walk over there. Considering the crowds and sweatiness, it would’ve probably been better to stay inside with a frappucino.

As a side note, these were done in my Fantastic Four notebook that was supplied by my office.

I promise to have more fun drawings soon.

July Project


To occupy my endless hours of free time, I thought I’d challenge myself with a new kind of project. What do you think, was it a bad idea to make them asymmetrical? I only had the one pair to play with, so it HAD TO BE DONE. For SCIENCE.