Monthly Archives: September 2008

Adorable Dan


A sketch from my visit to New York. The fates decided Dan should be in town that very weekend, so we got to hang out in Central Park, where I drew him instead of paying attention to whatever it was he was saying.




While staying in my park ranger cousin’s house this summer, I found what I can only hope is a beaver skull from a museum gift shop. I didn’t even know there WERE beavers in Virginia.

contour identity crisis


Playing with pens and markers at my job. It’s an as-yet mostly undiscovered ice cream joint, which means lots of free time to hang out and go crazy.


Does anyone know how the heck I can make a thumbnail that you’d have to click to see the larger, full picture?? I’m useless at this.

Shrimp ‘n’ Grits


When we’re not swimming or eating at the beach, generally the kids hunker down in the basement to watch TV. And by “kids” I mean mostly just me and my cousin Alan, pictured here like a million times because he always sat between me and my view of the TV. These are all from one glorious rainy day where we stayed inside and only watched the first season of Dexter. And played one unnecessarily competitive game of Scrabble.

Holden Beach feat. Grandy


More photos from the beach trip. These are all family, because since we go to a kind of old-person beach (which I love), it’s a little more isolated. That means it’s hard to scope out people in bathing suits without binoculars, or scooching my chair just a little too close for peoples’ comfort.