Monthly Archives: April 2009

Creative Briefs



GG, hard at work molding our eager young minds.




These hardly count as drawings, because I just traced stuff with a Wacom tablet HOWEVER I’m putting them up here because I still had to Photoshop the heck out of these and I taught myself and I’m proud. They were part of a an advertising campaign we had to plan for the Smithsonian, so think National Zoo and Air & Space Museum.

I cropped out the copy though, because I’m not trying to embarrass myself.



Mickey D’s Goes Underground



For class, I had to create a guerilla marketing campaign for McDonald’s. Obviously, what I came up with was this creepy as hell stencil featuring our dear, terrifying friend, Ronald.

The secondary half of the campaign was simply stickers, but for obvious reasons, these became my favorite parts. Awwwww.


In related news, if you see a dollar bill with that burger on it, you’re welcome.

There aren’t enough tissues in the world…



This self-portrait was drawn in a more confident time, when I managed to survive an epidemic of the flu. I was forced to live in close quarters with the plague for a weekend, and let me tell you, this drawing is not an exaggeration of the lengths I went to stay alive.

But I let my guard down in March, thinking I was safe, and caught a nasty cold that reminded me that it wasn’t spring yet. To give you an indication of my weekend, I chapstick-ed my nose.