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Attempted a self-portrait, and in the spirit of reflecting my true self, couldn’t bother to leave my abandoned Starbucks couch in my basement.

I got a haircut since this, so I no longer look a cockatiel. The shadows under my eyes are still accurate, though.


Summer School graduate



I took a class at MassArt this summer, which was fun but THANKFULLY it’s over – summer vacation can finally begin for me. Here’s a couple of the pieces I did for it – try and ignore the poor “craft” which my teacher could only notice. Apparently I was sick the day in kindergarten when everyone learned to cut straight lines.

Drew this pepper. Then drew it again and again and again, using weirdo materials. That’s bubblegum down there.




Anyone know how to flip images…?
Promised this picture to a friend months ago – finally got around to drawing it. She owned a very wise old Standard Poodle that sadly passed this last year – he was good and kind and black, actually. But I ignored that and drew this guy, who’s more like Bebe, my grandparents’ old poodle from my childhood. Hope that’s fine with my friend.

Laura v. the World



As is appropriate for July, school is finally over. I had a long, strenuous trek through “Campaign Planning” a class that is meant to be the culmination of everything I’ve learned in college. Instead, we got to experience the growing horror of a professor that realizes that we know close to nothing useful. But shhhh let’s never speak of it again. It’s gone.

As evidence for the fact that God totally digs me, while I had class all through June, the weather made sure that NO ONE COULD HAVE FUN. It rained all month. It was record-breaking. Everything sucked. I had to wear a jacket in the summer, couldn’t ride my new bike anywhere, and my shoes were constantly soggy. Customers came into Starbucks and threatened to end their lives. It was rough times.

But I went swimming once, by GOD, and it was amazing. For emphasis, this is where it was:


So, EFF YOU RAIN. I won this battle…we’ll see who wins the war. Fingers crossed for 30 more days of sun.