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MikeI drew a quick portrait of my friend when he came over to watch a movie. Only, I didn’t say anything about it and I thought maybe he was getting nervous about me staring at him, so I panicked and drew the eyes funny. And as we know, the eyes are the window to the soul, so it doesn’t look much like him.

Hopefully the v-neck will give it away.


Cape Sessions



JoeBear and KB hard at work producing songs for an upcoming album (fingers crossed.) I drew this in between reading the Kite Runner and eating Oreos, as is the proper decorumd for Cape Cod.

And yes, in the back there is Mama Bear’s record player and collection. She’s the coolest.



My parents have recently moved back into my childhood home, allowing me access to boxes upon boxes of childhood memories that I’d long since packed up and forgotten about. The most exciting one so far was a box of papers from kindergarten. Join me, won’t you, on a retrospective of the art of little Laura.


This handsome little devil is actually a Happy Mother’s Day card. My, must she have been pleased.


I think this may have been either the Nina, the Pinta or the Santa Maria. I only put them here because that’s actually a far better job of drawing boats than I can do now. I hit my peak of maritime art at the tender age of 5, I guess.


Apparently this is also the year that I became obsessed with dinosaurs, and I guess I decided that they were worthy of federal attention when we had to design stamps. I seem to have bordered the edges with molars too, so I don’t know what that means. Also, remember when stamps cost 29 cents HAHAHAHAHA nutty.


This picture accompanied a short essay that could’ve been titled “T-rexs Turned into Birds and That’s Why They’re Both Awesome.” The question is, did my parents let me see Jurassic Park at an inappropriately young age, or had I come to the same conclusion as science without all that namby-pamby research?

Either way, this picture was drawn next to the dinosaurs:


Dancing hotdogs, thus proving, I think,  that I was a little genius.



Life is going through upheaval at the moment. The plus side is, I’m in a house with a scanner for a few days. We’ll see if that means anything.

In the meantime, suck it up and look at something I did for class. This was my favorite panel in a series of storyboards for Milky Way. They’re about to go over a cliff into a pool of caramel. Poor malts.