Monthly Archives: February 2010

Crew Kiddies


I re-read some old Winnie the Pooh books and loved the illustrations. They’re so simple, but I tried to play with the style, and it’s harder than it looks! I gave it a go with some Crew Cut models anyway – the lil’ girl is shweet, at least.




So as it turns out, Illustrator is not as intuitive as I’d suspected. After literally HOURS of struggle though, I managed to produce this – a replica of my toy whale, Walt. Walt is a pool toy that squirts water that I snagged during a beautiful summer night swim at a friend’s pool. Well, the public pool her dad managed. After hours. I got to loot the Lost and Found, see.

Anyway, how the HECK do you use Illustrator??

Folk Covers


My friends have formed some kind of weird gypsy folk band in their bedroom. Too many musicians in one apartment. This is a true story – almost true. In reality, my redheaded friend Mike (seen here on the tambourine) was just as scared and confused as I was.