Monthly Archives: March 2011

Peeps I Peeped


I can’t explain why I thought this family was so weird. I don’t think this captures how huge and hairy this dude was, or how cargo his pants were, or that his wife was wearing sweats and a fisherman’s cap, which is a good look. They also had a dog off leash – in WeHo! Sheer madness.

I’m also jealous because they were going for a lovely family stroll along a beautiful street while I was chugging my way to work. I saw them this morning AGAIN, but because it was 80 degrees, the wife was wearing capris, a tank top and a fisherman’s cap.




Nickelodeon offers a free lunch session of costumed figure-drawing every Wednesday. It’s started back up recently after a FEW MONTH hiatus, which is why these are…rough. Rough times. Also, the gym where we have the session is really cold. Rough, rough times.