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Check here for the soundtrack to this post:

I think we’re all pretty pumped to hear what happens next, now that Kristina’s got this banjo…




This was an incredibly belated birthday gift to my buddy Natalie, who is from Portland can’t shut up about the damn place.

Boo Boo


I don’t know who in my house is getting J Crew catalogs, but I’m loving them. This woman was probably modeling this lovely shirt, which you can probably buy at a location near you. But I was happy to see that when I’d finished attempting to draw her, she came out exactly how I would imagine Beatrice “Boo Boo” Glass, from my favorite J.D. Salinger story, “Down at the Dinghy.”

So there, you see – this isn’t JUST¬† a doodle. Now that it’s vaguely literary and personal, it’s ART.